Bring your corporate forest to life

Create your company forest, geolocated, traced and with a high social impact. You will be able to monitor the growth of every single tree!

Positive impact

Have a positive impact on the territory, both from a social and environmental point of view: you offset CO2 and support farming families.


You can gift every single tree in your forest. The recipient will receive regular photo updates.

Strong Roots

Bring a new sustainability story to life around the world. You will be able to choose where to grow your forest and how many trees to plant.

Get started now

Much more than trees: oxygen, work, social impact and a unique gift for your employees. A story that starts with a click.


500 trees

- 150.000 Kg of CO2
10 families supported

3,015 / 6,03 € unit price


250 trees

- 75.000 Kg of CO2
5 families supported

1,592 / 6,37 € unit price


100 trees

- 25.000 kg of CO2
2 families supported

670 / 6,70 € unit price

With a high social impact

We collaborate with local farming families to whom we donate trees. Families take care of the trees and benefit from the fruits produced, receiving financial and food support. Wider social impact is achieved through our training on sustainable land management.

Positive impact on the environment

Through our forests we fight the climate crisis: through photosynthesis, trees absorb CO2 and produce oxygen. We rebuild ecosystems in areas at risk of desertification to restore value to the land and a home for the animals.

All very Transparent

Every single tree in your forest is unique; thanks to Chloe you get regular personalized photo updates. A forest in total transparency, where each tree has a label that makes it unique, traceable and geolocalized.

Why create a forest?


Strengthen your company’s green reputation through a traced forest

with a high social impact.

For Marketing

Attract new customers and set yourself apart from competitors. Use the trees

in your forest for a marketing campaign.

For HR

Involve your colleagues in your company’s sustainable mission.

Gift them a tree from your forest.

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Reach 9 SDGs with zeroCO2

With this service, you will contribute to the achievement of 7 SDGs

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