Gift sustainability

A green gift is nice for those who do it and for those who receive it. It is a gift for the planet and for people.

Gift a tree

Gift a positive impact: environmental and social. The recipient will be able to adopt a tree and follow its growth through regular photographic updates.

Gift Perpetua

Made with industrial graphite waste, Perpetua is the pencil that does not involve cutting trees to be produced. You can choose the rubber color and customize the packaging.

Gift Pachamama

The board game about the climate crisis. Those who receive it will be able to learn while having fun about the problems and solutions connected to the climate crisis. And we plant a tree for each box produced.


Choose the most suitable gift for your stakeholders and customize it according to your needs. The zeroCO2 team is always ready to support you and come up with new ideas!

No waste
of time

Whatever your gift idea, with zeroCO2 you won’t have to worry about anything and you can be sure it will arrive on time. Convenient, right?

Why make a sustainable gift?

For the planet

By giving something as a gift with zeroCO2 you are generating a

positive impact on the planet.

It is engaging

A unique experience that makes the recipient participate in the

sustainable choices of your company.

It makes your brand stronger

You communicate your sustainability values through

personalized gifts.

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