Offset the environmental impact
of your company

We develop a customized CO2 reduction plan for your company. Offset your emissions through a high social impact reforestation project.


Quantify the emissions you want to offset based on a science-based analysis. If you haven’t already, let’s start with a LCA.


Based on your goals, we define a short and long-term CO2 offsetting plan fully consistent with your company’s sustainability strategy.


Offset CO2 emissions by planting new trees within a tracked and 100% transparent reforestation project.


All our projects are based on the precise and accurate calculation of the carbon footprint. That’s why they are developed on a solid scientific basis.

Tracking and Transparency

Our reforestation projects are tracked and 100% transparent. You will see your trees grow thanks to our innovative CHLOE technology.

With a high
social impact

Not just environmental impact: every single planted tree supports local farming families.

What is an offsetting project for?


By increasing its positive impact, your company positions itself within

the target market as a sustainable company.


You have the opportunity to show your stakeholders your positive

commitment to offsetting emissions.


Leave a positive footprint on the planet and contribute to a

more ethical and sustainable future.

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