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How do we allow our customers to follow the trees we plant?

Each tree is associated with a redeem code. Thanks to this code your customers and stakeholders can adopt a tree. They enter the code on the web page redeem your tree and will get 7 photo updates of their tree over 3 years via email.

Is there any minimum amount to start a project with you?

To start creating a corporate forest the minimum amount is 100 trees. This is the amount of trees needed to recreate a habitat and produce a concrete positive impact.

Are there any extra costs for the maintenance of the trees over the years?

There are no extra costs, the price includes maintenance and Chloe monitoring service.

After three years, we won’t receive any updates about the trees. What is going to happen to them?

Local families will continue to care for the trees and decide whether to keep the fruit for personal consumption or sell it at the nearest market. The agricultural communities will take care of the maintenance of the trees for the rest of the life cycle, in exchange they will obtain economic and food support from them.

What if a tree dies?

We do everything in our power to prevent trees from dying. But, to be safe, we always plant 5% more than what has been purchased.
For the first year, in the event of your tree dying, we will replace it and you will get a new tracking code to geolocate it and monitor it anew.

Can we choose where and which tree species we would like to plant?

We plant trees in different countries around the world: Guatemala, Peru, Argentina, Italy and Portugal. In order to respect biodiversity, we only plant selected species of local trees and do not allow our commercial customers to plant just one species of tree. Rather, we provide a mix of different species, both forest and fruit trees.

Do we receive a certification of the trees planted?

You will receive a document certifying the number of trees you have planted, the CO2 you helped offset and the families you supported.

What’s the difference between your projects and others?

First of all, thanks to CHLOE, our tracking and transparency system, you can follow the growth of each tree and view its GPS position online. When planted, each tree is labeled with its own identification code, which will then be visible in all photo updates from the 10th month of age.
Each tree is associated with a redeem code, through which it is possible to give each tree for adoption to clients and stakeholders. They will receive via email 7 photos of each tree over 3 years.
Moreover, we not only care about the environmental aspect, but we also care about the social impact of our projects. Each tree is donated to local farming communities, generating economic and food support. We also develop educational activities for the farming families we collaborate with, training them in sustainable land use and organic agriculture.

What is the social impact of your projects?

We support and implement permaculture, a system that places sustainable agriculture replicating natural ecosystems at the top of people’s needs. We work together with farming communities around the world, who receive our trees and our tutoring on organic farming and sustainable land management. This is why our Reforestation has a high social impact.
For the first 9-10 months, we follow the growth of seedlings, until they are ready to be handed over to the communities of farmers. Then we give the trees to the families that will transplant them and help them grow. The trees become economic support and food support for the farming families.
Furthermore, we are committed to supporting our partner communities with training programs on organic agriculture and sustainable land management, in collaboration with local universities and the NGO Comparte.

How do we know how many trees our company needs to plant to offset our carbon emissions?

To calculate the carbon footprint of a company, product, or service, we can make a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). Then we calculate and plant the number of trees needed to offset the CO2 emissions.

Can we offset the emissions of our company or part of them? For example the carbon emissions of transportation?

By planting trees, you always contribute to the offsetting of emissions. However, to offset the CO2 emissions of your company, your product, or a single activity, for example the transport of goods, a LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) is required to calculate the carbon footprint. It is then possible to offset the entire carbon footprint or part of it or even set a medium to long-term goal.

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