"If the ants agree to do it, they can move an elephant

An ecosystem of companies that make sustainability their mission revolves around our projects; without our partners we could never achieve the great goal that drives our work: to generate a positive impact for people and for the planet.

Our partners

Companies of all sectors and sizes have decided to walk alongside us, to bring sustainability to the heart of their activities. Sustainability involves the whole of society.

Why an

Combining the commitment of several virtuous realities in one common purpose is what makes it possible to achieve important and ambitious goals. To this aim, in addition to restoring natural ecosystems, we build a network of partners who share and support our same vision.

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The zeroCO2

The zeroCO2 ecosystem is interconnected and its components maintain a dynamic balance. In our ecosystem, companies and organizations from different sectors collaborate and share good practices to achieve a common goal: a fairer and greener planet for all.

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