Combining economic development and environmental protection is possible. AlmavivA is convinced about it. This is why it has adopted the following Group strategic goal: turning AlmavivA into a green company.

Within the framework of the AlmavivA Green project are included two innovative sustainability initiatives: a Posidonia meadow in the Sea of Sardinia and a Forest in Guatemala.


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Supported families

The collaboration with zeroCO2 in Sardinia


The project in Golfo Aranci consists in the creation of a Posidonia meadow, to which AlmavivA has contributed with 400 plants to cover an area of 16 square meters.


Seas absorb around 30% of the CO2 emitted by human activities, and in the Mediterranean Posidonia plays a key role in this process.


Posidonia is not an algae, but a plant with roots and leaves; the most important plant in the Mediterranean. It constitutes underwater meadows which play a crucial ecological role by:

  • producing oxygen (up to 20 l. a day per square meter)
  • absorbing CO2 (up to 20g a day per square meter)
  • producing biomass and nutrients
  • consolidating the seabed and this preventing coastal erosion
  • creating the habitat where fishes live and reproduce


The rise of temperatures, ocean acidification due to fuels, detergents, sewage spills, illegal bottom trawling, and indiscriminate anchoring are destroying seabeds. Posidonia is at risk.


AlmavivA’s Posidonia meadow is a small step to remind that nature is a perfect mosaic of ecosystems which make our Planet so special.

The birth of the Almaviva Forest in Central America

After focusing its attentions on containing consumption and CO2 production, Almaviva has decided to embark on the path to Carbon Neutrality, a multi-year project whose goal is the balance between CO2 produced and offset. The first phase of the project involves the creation of a small Forest in Petén, Guatemala, together with zeroCO2.


Almaviva’s commitment took shape in December 2019 with the planting of the first 2,000 trees in the Petén region in Guatemala, close to the famous Mayan site of Tikal, and continued progressively during 2020 with a further 3,000 trees.


Since then it is possible to follow the growth of the Almaviva Forest “live” on a dedicated web page, where the number of trees planted, the amount of CO2 offset. Avocado, cedar, moringa, mango, lime, orange, pink poui, pine, palo blanco: each tree, geo-localised, has been gifted to an employee who has become its ideal caretaker.


But how many are 5,000 trees? Find this out by watching the video on the AlmavivA project with zeroCO2.


The social commitment

The choice of zeroCO2 as the partner was also determined by the consistency of its positioning with the values of Almaviva, which has always been determined to pursue its principles of Social Responsibility, as evidenced by the fact that it was one of the first Italian ICT companies to obtain the “Social Accountability System Certificate – SA 8000” in 2007.

What AlmavivA creates together with zeroCO2 are ideas to be developed over time, a characteristic of all social and energetic-environmental initiatives of the Group, which do not merely live of donations but are fed by common projects and perspectives.

Where are the Almaviva Forest and Posidonia Meadow?

Look on the map where the plants of the Almaviva project have been planted

AlmavivA Green

Underway since 2008, the AlmavivA Green Project fosters the commitment of corporations and trade unions in an innovative industrial-relations model along three lines of development:

  • Green Company
    Putting into practice conduct models, organisational action and management of plants and logistics to reduce consumption and the environmental and energy-related impact of corporate activities.
  • Green IT
    Promote an approach aimed at the efficient use of information technology to reduce resource consumption and maximise the energy efficiency of the offered services and delivered products.
  • IT Solutions
    Enhancing and developing AlmavivA’s experience, skills and technologies to innovate the company’s commercial offering in the environmental and energy field.

To ensure the prevention and containment of the environmental and energy-related impact deriving from operations, AlmavivA has developed and applied an Environmental Management System and an Energy Management System, in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 14001 and UN ISO 50001 standards. These plan and systematise eco-friendly behaviour and efficient use of IT at the Group level, and all staff, suppliers and other interested parties are actively invited to implement them.

For the path of change, which impacts on all company components, a completely original path was chosen, which allowed to enhance the common commitment of the Company and the Syndicate in a mixed and transversal Green Team, with representatives from all areas of the organization.


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