Innovation means creating a change to generate evolution and positive development of the involved resources.

BIONAP founded in 1997 and recognized as Champion of the Circular Economy, has identified the by-products, coming from the agricultural industry, as the driver for a sustainable innovation system.

Thanks to the scientific research of BIONAP, raw materials like olive fruit water, prickly pear cladodes, olive leaves and small size oranges, that in the agricultural industry system are not used, find new life.
We turn what once was considered not useful in the agricultural market into certified ingredients for various nutraceutical solutions, such as cholesterol control and cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal and immune health.

BIONAP is committed to generating a positive impact on the environment, the economic system, and society.

Respect for biodiversity, short supply chain, green extraction practices, renewable energy and low CO2 emissions are the pillars of the BIONAP production system which mean: low environmental impact, reduction of disposal costs for the involved companies, investments and jobs on the territory.

We fully integrate sustainability into our business.

We are an active part of the processes that generate social and environmental improvement.


Today we want to broaden our positive footprint by planting trees in several areas. Our projects will contribute not only to the reduction of CO2 in the atmosphere but also to the growth of agricultural communities operating in Sicilian and Latin American territories, which will get livelihood from cultivating and caring for the trees.

In Latin America, and more specifically in Guatemala, our trees will be given to the local farming families and will become a source of economic and food sustain to them. Education plays a key factor in the success of the project. Every farmer will take part in training programs on organic farming and sustainable land use.

On the other side, in Sicily, different fruit tree species, as orange, olive, apricot and strawberry trees, join to form a Food Forest. The project, standing on a fund confiscated from organised crime, as well as regenerating an area affected by desertification, has a knock-on effect on youth employment in the area. Partners of the project are the agricultural cooperative Valdibella and the social cooperative NoE (No Emarginazione). The products from the Sicilian Food Forest will support the work of disadvantaged people within the cooperatives.


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