– Could coaches create a global movement planting 10 million trees in 3 years?

– Could coaches raise awareness of communities and companies to plant trees together?

– How easy and fun could it be to plant trees with your family, kids, friends, and clients?

– What would it take for coaches to have a leadership role in protecting the planet?


Inspired by these questions, Coach4Planet (C4P) wants to be a global movement of coaches protecting the planet by planting trees and catalyzing synergies to achieve the next level tipping point for tree planting.


Coach4Planet has been founded in January 2022 by Silvia Tassarotti and Janet M. Harvey, experienced coaches, and friends, who are both passionate about moving coaches into action to make the difference and create a positive legacy.


C4P is committed to support the SDGs of the UN, in particular n°13 Climate Action and n°15 Life on Land and the World Economic Forum’s, One Trillion Tree Initiative. We plan to expand partnerships as the way to accelerate implementation.


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PLANT A TREE! Join us and plant a tree in the COACH4PLANET FOREST!

Choose your tree in the zeroCO2 shop and use the code “C4PFOREST” to receive a 20% discount. Click here and start planting!


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On a broader context, the implications could be environmental, social, political, and financial given the number of coaches potentially involved and the impact this movement could have.

–  Engage coaches and building a global community making a shared commitment to plant trees will create momentum and raise awareness about climate change, following Peter Hawkins’ Eco-Phase Cycle.

–  As suggested by Daniel Christian Wahl we achieve a 3 level WIN-WIN-WIN culture, where individual, collective and planet all benefit.

–  Create opportunities and training on how to go about planting trees and build awareness about its impact will create powerful ripple effects.

–  Involve local communities and a social marketing campaign to shares stories, engage people at an emotional level and generate a tipping point to sustain.


On a broader context, the implications could be environmental, social, political, and financial given the number of coaches potentially involved and the impact this movement could have.


–  Sustaining the tipping point occurs through several process, including the application of coaching capability to organizations and people everywhere that listens actively and evokes awareness so everyone cultivates learning and growth in their relationship with planetary wellbeing.

–  Multiply our impact through partnership with organizations planting trees globally and locally like zeroCO2 which will support our first Coach4Planet forest.


zeroCO2 is a benefit corporation that deals with environmental sustainability through reforestation projects with high social impact. It plants trees in areas severely affected by deforestation and donates them to farming families, generating food security and economic support.


Believing that education is the engine of sustainable development, zeroCO2 is committed to support communities with training programs on organic farming and sustainable land management, in collaboration with local universities.


All trees have a unique code that identifies them. Thanks to Chloe, a unique tracking and transparency system, everyone can monitor the growth of the trees planted through periodic personalized updates.


On the occasion of the birth of the movement, Coach4Planet planted the first 100 trees of its forest together with zeroCO2 in Guatemala, Perù, Argentina e Tanzania.


This is just the beginning, to create a global movement everyone is called to do his/her part. Now it’s time for our coaches to join us and plant a tree in our forest!

Where is the Coach4Planet Forest?

Take a look at the map to see where trees in the Coach4Planet forest have been planted.

Find out how traceable we are.

Our whole tree planting activity is tracked and can be verified via CHLOE, our exclusive tracking system, which allows you to receive photos of your tree and monitor its growth.