Thinking Into Printing Sustainable Solutions

Roberto Paladini founded Fotocromo Emiliana in 1966. His father Adamo was an executive in the largest printing company in Bologna and he built the company around his family: his wife Luisa and his sons Francesco Andrea and Nicola. They are all passionate about their work, and all have a passion for the environment.
Roberto and Luisa are passionate about the mountains and passed on their passion and respect for nature to their children. Inside the factory, a beautiful green space soon appeared: a garden created by Luisa’s green thumb.
A space for everyone, a business card that says it all.

Over the years, production and welfare choices have been increasingly oriented towards sustainability.
A decision was made to eliminate alcohol from large-format prints (not at all an obvious choice in the sector), with a view to respecting the environment and paying attention to the health of the workers; inks of vegetable origin were chosen; and renewable energy was chosen, with a photovoltaic system on the roof of the plant.

Environmental and quality certifications complete the picture.


Planted trees


Kgs of CO2 compensated*




Supported families

In 2020 Fotocromo decides to relaunch and push its commitment towards sustainability even further by launching a project to guarantee all its customers zero-impact printing in collaboration with zeroCO2. Preceded by a thorough LCA-lab study to measure the generation of CO2 in pre-press and printing processes, the project intends to guarantee carbon offsetting through the planting of trees.

Fotocromo firmly believes that is is possible to be productive while respecting the environment.

Do you want to redeem a tree?

It will allow you to receive, for 3 years, all updates on the growth of your company tree.

Where is the Fotocromo Emiliana forest?

See on the map where the trees in the Emilian Photochrome Forest have been planted.

Find out how traceable we are.

Our whole tree planting activity is tracked and can be verified via CHLOE, our exclusive tracking system, which allows you to receive photos of your tree and monitor its growth.