ILSA is the first company in the organic fertiliser sector to have carried out a study of its environmental footprint of its organisation and products throughout their life cycle, right up to the end consumer.

On the strength of these results, it has a robust tool for knowing its environmental performance, where there is room for improvement and impact reduction, and for strengthening the company’s “green reputation”.

It is not content to have low impacts, and will continue to develop tools that will further improve its environmental performance. This is why the ILSAZERO project was born.


ILSA wants to reach level 0. Zero impact.


By planting trees in ILSA’s Orchard, which will absorb the CO₂ in the atmosphere, lending a hand to the environment and one to small farming communities around the world who need to develop agriculture for their livelihoods.

“Our credo is to best meet the needs of increasingly specialised agriculture by developing natural solutions, in a sustainable way and with full respect for the environment. But a company that bases its principles and working methods on sustainable agriculture must do something more.”

With the ILSAZERO project, ILSA aims to absorb the amount of CO₂ that is produced to make fertilisers, helping to ensure a sustainable future for our planet and guaranteeing a livelihood opportunity for farming communities in Guatemala, Peru, Colombia and Thailand (in the latter country in a project developed in 2019). It has so far planted a total of 7,000 trees in ILSA’s Orchard, supporting farming families totalling some 496 people. In addition, it has offset over 3,800,000 kg of CO₂, which will be absorbed by the trees over the next few years.

The aim is to reduce to zero, within a few years, the kg of CO₂ produced each year in ILSA’s fertiliser production.

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