“The biggest threat to our planet is believing that someone else will save it.”

Robert Swan

IPI, leading supplier in the world of systems and materials for the aseptic packaging of beverages and food liquids in multilayer carton, has always been personally committed to offering sustainable products, with the aim of constantly reducing its environmental impact.


The packaging of a product plays a fundamental role in protecting the environment throughout the supply chain. For this reason, IPI is committed to providing responsible packaging that limits CO2 emissions along the entire supply and distribution chain, which is mostly composed by materials from renewable sources and totally recyclable.

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Planted trees


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Supported families


The creation of a corporate forest with zeroCO2 is a lasting commitment, which allows us once again to be at the forefront of protecting the environment and reducing our impact. As a matter of fact, thanks to the creation of our forest, we will offset the CO2 emissions of our company fleet.

This is why we decided to invest in tree planting in Petén, the northernmost region of Guatemala, not too far from the Mayan Biosphere Reserve and the famous Mayan archaeological site of Tikal. This area has been heavily deforested in favour of the monoculture of the palm tree oil and where a fruit tree can support the economy and nutrition of families.

Together with zeroCO2 we have decided to promote a “high social impact reforestation“: the fruit trees planted, in fact, will be donated to peasant families in less fortunate rural communities, becoming part of their livelihood.

Redeem a tree from our forest and you will be able to follow its growth via a QR code with all the updates on the tree you helped to grow.

For IPI, sustainability means long-term commitment to limit the environmental impact of its products, but not only: it also means concrete commitment in terms of environmental, social and economic responsibility. A challenge that we are ready to accept, putting ourselves at the forefront to safeguard our planet.

Do you want to redeem a tree?

It will allow you to receive, for 3 years, all the updates on the growth of your corporate tree.

Where is the IPI forest?

Look on the map where the IPI forest trees have been planted

Find out how traceable we are.

Our whole tree planting activity is tracked and can be verified via CHLOE, our exclusive tracking system, which allows you to receive photos of your tree and monitor its growth.