The world of fashion and luxury, which has always been based on a traditional way of working, is unfortunately the second most polluting industry.
Pattern has the opportunity, as well as the duty, to represent the change needed to make this industry environmentally sustainable by controlling and reducing the environmental risks associated with its entire value chain.
Since the publication of its Sustainability Report, Pattern has stated that the company’s core values are threefold: intellectual capital, technology and sustainability.

This is why, in 2018, Pattern launched the “From Red to Green Carpet” project, a five-year plan whose name derives from the objective of being able to create the same luxury that is on the most famous catwalks today, but drastically reducing its impact on the environment.
The aim is to achieve three objectives:


Pattern is facing a major challenge with this project: creating value from sustainability.
To achieve this goal, Pattern aims to involve its suppliers and workers in improving the environment in which they operate.


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From Red to Green Carpet

Specifically, Pattern has linked 4 key actions for substantial change to the 3 objectives:

  • Clean and renewable energy
  • Sustainability of the entire production cycle
  • Circular Economy and energy efficiency
  • Technology

These actions include a series of practices: the installation of photovoltaic panels and a geothermal system for the new warehouses, the elimination of all polluting raw materials from its circuit, the exclusive use of recycled raw materials with its ESEMPLARE brand.
By 2023, the goal is to have zero impact on the environment in terms of CO2 emissions through the use of renewable energy and by increasing efficiency and energy savings within the factory. Social sustainability is also part of our goal, we aim to guarantee a quality working environment that can be stimulating for employees, and economic sustainability as we aim to support a path of continuous growth.
In this context of reducing its CO2 emissions, the reforestation plan in Guatemala and Peru launched with zeroCO2 will contribute to achieving the carbon neutrality envisaged in the five-year plan by offsetting the remaining CO2 emissions.

In confirmation of the quality of the path taken, Pattern has chosen to participate in the ESG Rating conducted by the international organisation CDP in 2020 and has been awarded a B- level ESG Rating 2020, referred to 2019.
An exceptional score, almost unique in the world of fashion – particularly in Italy – higher than the European average (level C) and higher than the average for the global “Textile&Fabric” sector (level D).

Furthermore, to confirm the importance of supply chain involvement in building a truly sustainable business model, Pattern has achieved a place in the CDP 2020 Supplier Engagement Leaderboard, a selection of companies based on the Supplier Engagement Rating (SER).
Pattern thus joins 400 other international companies (7% of the best companies) in the CDP’s 2020 Supplier Engagement Leaderboard, which is transparently measured and judged by CDP each year.

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