Bring your
corporate forest to life

Create your company forest right away, geolocated, traceable online and with a high social impact! You can gift every single tree in your forest to your stakeholders, who will be able to monitor their growth online

Forest packages

Only one payment is required to bring your corporate forest to life. You will receive redeem codes, which will allow the adoption of each individual tree. You will receive a business pack including images, videos, texts and logos to use in your communication. You will also receive a PDF certificate which is perfect for LinkedIn!

100 trees

Start one step at a time: create your first forest with our 100 tree package.


100 trees

- 25.000 kg of CO2
2 families supported

670 / 6,70 € unit price

250 trees

Greener and greener! Plant a forest of 250 trees to share with your entire team!


250 trees

- 75.000 Kg of CO2
5 families supported

1,592 / 6,37 € unit price

500 trees

It's getting serious! Choose our largest package and plant 500 trees in Guatemala.


500 trees

- 150.000 Kg of CO2
10 families supported

3,015 / 6,03 € unit price

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How does it work?

Choose the size of your forest

Choose which tree to adopt virtually among those you find in our shop!

We plant the trees in our nurseries

Each tree is born and grows in the nursery. After a year it is donated to a farming family who takes care of it.

We donate trees to farmers

By harvesting the fruit, the farming family will have food security and a new source of income.

Get the codes that allow the adoption of the trees

Get regular photo updates from your tree. You will be able to monitor it thanks to Chloe

Why reforesting?


local communities

Strengthen your
green reputation


Plant your corporate forest right now!