our project in the world

We want to generate a positive and long-lasting impact in each of the places where zeroCO2 is committed to reforesting.


From seed
to farmer

We plant native forest and fruit trees in lands at risk of desertification and we donate them to local farming families, contributing to their economic and nutritional well-being.

of biodiversity

We plant – native – forest, fruit, medicinal and endangered trees in the Amazon forest with the aim of protecting one of the most important natural ecosystems on Earth.

of native forests

We plant – native – forest trees for the regeneration of the native forests of the Argentine Patagonia which have been destroyed by the wildfires of the last decade.

Social farming practices

We plant – native – fruit trees throughout the country, in collaboration with social agricultural cooperatives and educational farms, which will use the fruit produced to self-finance their projects.

zeroCO2 around the world

The foundational project of zeroCO2 was born in Petén, one of the poorest and most blighted regions of Guatemala, where even a single tree can make a difference.

Our projects in numbers


trees planted around the world

+ 202 MLN

estimated offset CO2 Kg


Kg of fruit produced / year

+ 80

number of species planted

What do all our projects have in common?


For what we do and for the protection of our planet.


We do it for real, and it’s all traceable thanks to Chloe.

Social impact

We work with and for the farmers in the communities, supporting them at 360°.

Positive impact on the territory

We restore entire geographic areas and create new sustainable ecosystems.

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