A unique tracking system

Thanks to Chloe we are able to create a link between the individual tree and the company that funded it.

Traceability Warranty

Chloe allows you to see your forest grow in a simple and transparent way; to be sure that the trees have actually been planted and to know their precise GPS position.

Chloe is technology in the service of sustainability.

Thanks to its innovative software it is possible to trace every single tree in your forest and deliver personalized updates to the virtual owners of the trees.


Each tree in your forest has a code that identifies and accompanies it from when it leaves the nursery until it becomes an adult.


With Chloe you can track the GPS position of trees from when they leave the nursery to their planting out.


Follow or gift the experience of following the growth of a forest step by step, from the small shoots to when the trees begin to bear fruit.

Find your tree

Each zeroCO2 tree is linked, through a unique code, to its owner.
Thanks to this code and through Chloe, you will be able to monitor the growth of all your trees, with the certainty that they have really been planted.

Search for your tree by its unique code: enter the QR-code and find out where your tree is.

Remove all doubts

Yes, if one tree dies we plant another

We guarantee that every tree you buy carries real value.

Yes, you can go and visit your forest

If it’s not enough for you to follow it online, you can visit our projects in person.

Yes, you can let whoever you want live the experience of growth

They will support the families who take care of the tree.

No, there can be no duplicate codes

And you can see it right away, from the first day it spends in our nursery.

No, they are not always “the same photos”

Thanks to custom labels you can verify that each photo is individual.

No, we will not flood your inbox with messages

Seven updates in three years, from when it sprouts to when it becomes an adult.

Let's get in touch.